Thursday 30 May - Day Two

Registration and welcome coffee

Opening remarks from the Chair

Chris Vernon
Critical Minerals Leader – Green Minerals Technologies Leader

Unlocking the future of critical mineral deposits through the development of new extraction and processing technology
  • Evaluating current developments for extraction and processing to improve this fast-paced industry
  • Optimising processing techniques to meet the demands of future critical mineral needs
  • Exploring cutting-edge technologies for sustainable extraction and processing

Travis Baroni
Head of Technology – Battery Minerals
Rio Tinto

Harnessing opportunities in battery development and growth
Critical minerals' role in battery technology and clean energy
  • Increasing energy density storage for high-performance batteries to extend the life cycle of energy storage solutions
  • Advancing renewable solutions to stabilise large-scale energy storage in grid applications
  • Improving battery longevity while addressing ethical sourcing challenges to decrease reliance on virgin resources and increase clean energy adoption

Scott Winter
Managing Director
Critical Minerals Group

Taking advantage of Australia’s battery opportunity
  • Reviewing the demand outlook of batteries
  • Understanding Australia’s place in the battery supply chain
  • Supporting Australian battery industries to grow and compete with global battery industries

Sam McLean
Senior Manager, Business Development and Policy

Morning Tea and Networking

Encouraging international investment in midstream to downstream processing and manufacturing sectors
  • Exploring collaborative development opportunities that bridge international partnerships in the processing and manufacturing of critical minerals
  • Building robust frameworks to enhance the resilience and competitiveness of international investments in this area
  • Examining techniques to attract and engage international investors in downstream processing and manufacturing ventures

Kirk McDonald
Project Manager – Supercharge Australia
New Energy Nexus

Navigating market fluctuations and downturns
PANEL DISCUSSION: How can mining companies and government navigate the challenges of the recent market downturn for energy-transition metals?
  • How can mining companies mitigate financial risks from recent market volatility in energy-transition metal prices?
  • How might the recent mining sector downturn, particularly for metals in EV battery production, impact the long-term global shift to EVs and renewable energy?
  • In light of recent challenges like project stalling and financial struggles, what role could alternative financing and investment sources play in sustaining and reviving mining projects?
  • Given the current surplus in battery metal markets and the forecasted shortages by the end of the decade, what can be done to ensure a stable and sustainable supply chain for these essential materials in the future?


Chris Vernon
Critical Minerals Leader – Green Minerals Technologies Leader


Tim Buckley
Climate Energy Finance

Xuanyu Yang
Acting Manager
Trade and Investment Queensland

Rob Wilson
Head of Western Australia and Resources
Clean Energy Finance Corporation

Lunch and Networking

Attracting investment while minimising risk
Attracting the scale of global investments needed for the rapid growth of mineral extraction in Australia
  • Export Finance Australia's role in financing critical minerals projects
  • Attracting support from offshore export credit agencies

Sean Carey
Sector Lead – Director, Project & Structured Finance
Export Finance Australia

Exploring risk for investors and junior explorers
  • Trade and Investment Queensland’s role in investment attraction and export promotion
  • Risks associated with critical mineral investments and new projects
  • Exploring risk management measures for critical mineral project development

Xuanyu Yang (pending final approval)
Acting Manager
Trade and Investment Queensland

PANEL DISCUSSION: How can investors leverage insights to build up the industry
  • How are critical minerals attracting investments compared to other mineral mining?
  • How can financial and investment mechanisms be optimised to support the development of critical mineral supply chains in Australia and globally?
  • What market trends and demand drivers should be considered when making investment decisions in the critical minerals sector?


Nick Rees
Managing Director
Bridgend Capital Advisory


Frank van Rooyen
Senior Director, Investment
Northern Australian Infrastructure Facility

Demus King
General Manager, Trade, Investment and Investor Relations
Mineral Council of Australia

Dylan Kelly
Head Analyst
Terra Capital

Harnessing technology & downstream opportunities
PANEL DISCUSSION: What is the future of the critical minerals downstream industry in Australia?
  • What is required to build up Australia’s critical mineral downstream and manufacturing opportunities?
  • How can Australia leverage international partnerships to enhance the competitiveness of its critical mineral downstream and battery industry?
  • How can the Australian government encourage private sector involvement in the critical mineral downstream sector? 
  • What opportunities and challenges exist for the Australian workforce in the downstream sector of critical minerals?


Chris Vernon
Critical Minerals Leader – Green Minerals Technologies Leader


Dr Lynette Molyneaux
Advanced Materials and Battery Council

Lisa Roobottom
General Manager – Manufacturing Support
Alpha HPA

Allison Britt
Director – Mineral Resources Advice and Promotion
Geoscience Australia

Jason Hepburn
Sedgman Prudentia

Closing remarks from the Chair & conference adjourns
Afternoon tea and networking