Tuesday 28 May: Pre-conference Masterclass

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The pre-conference masterclass provide attendees with morning and afternoon tea breaks and a 1-hour lunch break allowing for extra networking opportunities and in-depth learning.

The masterclass start at 09:00 and finish at 17:00.

Masterclass: Navigating global trends and supply & demand dynamics to maximise critical minerals opportunities

This full-day masterclass is specifically designed for professionals working in the mining sector, including Managers, Executives, Consultants and other leaders working in the space.

Through in-depth sessions and expert-led analysis, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the up-to-the-minute supply and demand dynamics impacting the critical minerals sector in Australia. They will then work through and develop strategies to take that understanding and develop it into new or improved strategies to maximise the opportunities in the space.

Attendees will develop effective investment, production, supply chain and ESG strategies to strengthen their organisation’s business plans.

Part 1 – Gathering information: what’s out there, what’s happening, and where are we headed?

  • Examine the current global landscape in critical minerals mining and production, including critical geopolitical factors
  • Survey the current landscape of Australian critical minerals locations, projects and developments
  • Gain insights into where the critical minerals industry is headed in the short and long term in Australia and globally

Part 2 – Information in action: developing strategies to thrive in an evolving critical minerals industry

Learn how to update or create business plans to navigate changing conditions related to:

  • Trends impacting the critical minerals investment and finance market
  • Changes in how the Australian Government is using policy, regulation and investment initiatives
  • Geopolitical factors creating risks, pressures and opportunities
  • ESG trends in Australia and abroad impacting mining company responsibilities, operations and strategies
  • Developments in clean energy, recycling, and other environmental issues 

By the end of this masterclass, attendees will have a solid understanding of the latest and most important critical minerals trends and developments. They will also gain the tools to turn that understanding into improved strategies and business plans for their organisation.

Dr David Whittle
Professor (Practice), Resource Engineering | Co-Founder
Monash University | Critical Minerals Consortium